Saturday, 1 November 2014


I had an idea. And then I had another.

IDEA #1: A website called (domain available)

One part of the website would be dedicated to THOSE WITH IDEAS and THOSE IN NEED OF IDEAS.

There are many people who have ideas for businesses, books, Apps, educational technology but don't have the time or motivation to make those ideas a reality. There are also people that have the funds and determination to pull off an idea but might not have a good idea. The website would have multiple categories from hashtag trends to jokes for stand up comedians. People could leave or take ideas. It would be like a world-wide brainstorming session. It could be set up so multiple people can steal ideas or only one. It can be set up, so the person with the idea has to be contacted (though you couldn't enforce that) or not.

What would most likely end up happening is people starting with other people's ideas a a seed for their own creativity.

This website would ultimately be dedicated to the notion that nobody has an idea in a vacuum. The concept of copyrighting is becoming less and less of an issue in world of instant communication. If you go on YouTube for a half an hour you will see multiple copyright infringements that are allowed.

As a culture I can see us becoming less and less concerned about this. I think this is possibly because we are not only creating we are re-creating at an amazing rate. We recreate as a form of understanding and reinterpreting what has been created.


The reason I came up with the (domain available) idea is because I came up with an idea for a digital tool for students and I have no technical skills nor do I have any access to anyone with technical skills.

The idea is a social media site for classrooms. Where whole classrooms can connect with other classrooms around the world. I found out last week that this concept already exists through the medium of Mystery Hangout For Schools.

My concept would be a little different. My idea was to have a whole-class messaging system where students are paired up to message chat with other students in the same grade in another school in the world. Whole classrooms could message other students in classrooms. This could be educationally beneficial in many ways. 

1. CURRENT EVENTS: If there is a national event (Vancouver riot, tailings ponds in northern Alberta). Your students could talk to a class in those communities and get their take on what is happening or has happened.

2. COMPARE AND CONTRAST: For instnace, if you are teaching about the treaties in Saskatchwwan you could talk with students from New Zealand, Australia, Northern Finland or even British Columbia and talk about their history of Aboriginal people and the (lack of ) treaties. 


  1. Check this out, your idea may already have been produced!

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  3. Cool ideas Dustan! It's like digital pen pals!
    Thanks for the website too Jacquelyn!